MOL Communications is a telecommunication operator with years of experience providing all telecommunication services on territory of Macedonia.

Company MOL Communications has been established in 2002 in Skopje, Macedonia.   The company changed its name into MOL Communications in 2014 after the end of the mother company Macedonia On-Line (the largest private ISP in the country until 2006) a company that was forced to close due to antitrust issues with Makedonski Telekomunikacii (part of Deutsche  Telecom Group) and their monopoly behavior on the Macedonian Market. 

With the re-branding and transformation MOL Communications position itself on the market as high quality telecommunication service provider for larger companies and corporations as well for other telecom operators to whom MOL Communications can provide on time custom and specific services.   Our target customers require high SLA and zero failure when delivering  services or projects and thus our dedication in work and knowledge put us at the top of the best service providers in Macedonia.  We believe that the experience we have built up over the years will bring the results that we are trying to accomplish and the long term relationships we have established will provide nothing but high quality satisfaction for our customers.

MOL communications inherited the infrastructure of Macedonia On-Line and has its own national wireless backbone and fiber optic infrastructure within main capital Skopje.  Over the years the company has managed to further expand its fiber optic network and now we operate and manage over 600km of fiber optic networks throughout the country.     We have fully redundant gigabit links to the internet providing us unlimited resources and top level quality operation.  Our servers are located in a dispersed locations in Skopje, Croatia and Germany enabling us to offer our online services with excellent uptime and quality.

We provide all telecommunications services from VoIP to dark fiber and empty fiber tubes.  We have received several awards for our quality work and marketing campaigns and we have developed over 300 multimedia solutions to local businesses.

MOL Communications as one of the leading service providers in the country is fully accredated licensed operator under Macedonian telecommunication law and the Macedonian Agency of Telecommunication.  (