We currently hold and operate more then 700km of fiber optic infrastructure throughout Macedonia providing various network connectivity services with or without active equipment. We have connection to almost all border crossings in Macedonia and to all major cities. Besides the fiber infrastructure, that connects major border crossing and cities we have also fiber optic infrastructure across the capital city of Skopje. Each route we own and that we have build has at least three fiber optic tubes thus giving us the possibility not only to sell/lease fiber cables and fibers but also to sell/lease fiber optic tubes as well. All our infrastructure is build under the Macedonian regulations and for each we have all necessary paperwork and licenses.  

Please contact us for any request that you might have or for more details.  See our Network !

For medium and large businesses we provide all internet services from simple Internet usage and up to highly demanded MPLS or VoIP services .   We have fully redundant internet connection and our own distributed network enables us to provide to all our potential clients quality and support with guaranteed SLA agreement.   Our fiber core network is working on a 10GB level and thus the internet speeds that we can provide to the end users start from 100mbps and are limited to up to 10GB at the moment however higher speeds are available per requests and individual analysis.  Please contact us for all your internet needs from simple question to large project request we will provide you with an answer on time.

Internet access with or without SLA via fiber or wifi           VPN/MPLS            Network redundancy           VoIP

In addition to our core internet/network services we also provide additional internet services which we call online service mainly due to the reason because they are either provided online or are used for online business market.  The services are provided via our website http://www.online.mk , for more information please visit  the website.  We stand behind our online services with the same quality and dedication as we have with our main core services and our human resources and knowledge vast exceed the online services technical requirements.  All services are provide with or without cloud environment as per client request. Our online services are:

  • Share Hosting 
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated servers
  • Collocation
  • Online streaming
  • VPN
  • Web/Media design
  • SSL services
  • E-Commerce services
  • Domain registration
  • SEO
  • Internet Marketing

With the knowledge and years of experience we have at both technical and administrative level we are confident in fulfilling any tasks given in the field of underground infrastructure. With our know-how and the assistance of our partners we can finish any work on time and with quality requested.  From turnkey solutions, or just fiber blowing or splicing and up to 24/7 maintenance we have the resources.   We are experienced in all stages of the underground infrastructure layout from physical work up to legal and administrative needs to provide all the paperwork necessary for the routes.  The current capacity of our resources enable us to have available at any time ten diggers , three fiber teams with four people and various other technical personnel for drilling and other physical related tasks.   We are confident that we can construct underground infrastructures at a pace of 5km per day.  

However every project is different so please contact us to discuss it in more details.